About Us

About Ahum Foundation

Ahum Foundation is a young Non-Government Organisation (NGO), registered as a Section 8 Company under the Companies Act 2013, in Hyderabad, Telangana, incorporated to strive and work for a better nation and a better world.

What We Do?

Ahum Foundation a young Non-Government Organisation is working as a harbinger of a better nation and a better world. We engage with our focus group of beneficiaries namely marginalized women, children, youth and communities to impact their lives through Education, Empowerment, Eradication and Elevation as our core activities. Each effort bound by Knowledge dispersion used as our prime catalyst.

We believe that an informed society is an empowered society. We engage in and organize policy advocacy, empowerment talks, awareness campaigns, skill building workshops, funding drives, training programs, education classes, health camps, vocational training, apart from other initiatives to relentlessly support and safeguard the rights of the marginalized and the downtrodden, irrespective of their nationality, region, religion, caste or creed. Expert Talks, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Workshops and Conferences are used by us to disperse knowledge and information by way of public programs.

Who We Are

A group of philanthropists from all walks of life who are kindred souls living with an aim to make our world a better place by supporting and empowering the displaced, destitute, dejected and deprived sections of the society.

What We Believe

We believe in Ahum Brahmasmi – the Sanskrit aphorism Ahaṁ Brahmāsmīti (Devanagari: अहं ब्रह्मास्मीति) means I (Ahum) am the Infinite and ultimate reality (Brahman). Literally, Aham (अहं) means ‘I’, that which cannot be deserted or abandoned on account of being constant, unavoidable, ever present. Brahma (ब्रह्म) means ever-full or whole and Asmi (अस्मि) means ‘am’.

Ahum Brahmasmi therefore conveys our belief in the supreme power of the self. It is this supreme power within each individual that we will work towards realizing to build a strong and empowered individual and thus a strong and empowered society.

Who Do We Work For

Children :Children are our future. As is the state of a nation’s children, so is the state of the future of that nation. A malnourished, illiterate, unskilled and unhappy child is a reminder of the work left half done by the elders. Ahum Foundation passionately believes in the cause of children and their right to a healthy, peaceful, educated and informed life.

Women :Even while women are half of our country’s population, they are still not an equal half. Multitudes of women are living a life of strife, violence, neglect, victimization and unequal opportunities. Ahum Foundation aims to provide better life for the marginalized women.

For Marginalized Youth :India has the youngest youth population in the world. Ahum Foundation works to enhance the circumstances and factors which impact the development of citizenship and productiveness among young people as they move into adulthood. It is concerned with the adaptation of government structures and institutions to protect and deliver children’s, youths‟ and human rights, including the right to participation”. The word ’empowerment’ means giving power.

For Marginalized Communities :Working closely with local communities, Ahum Foundation partners with local governments and NGOs to develop and implement customized solutions that create visible and sustainable impact transforming the life and livelihood of the communities.